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Hockey stick development through the ages: 1980s and finding strength

We take a look at how the stick has developed over the last four decades to cater for the way we now play the game

Hockey has changed a great deal over the last 40 years with changes in pitches, playing styles, rules and of course sticks. At the start of the 80’s long hook wooden sticks had gone out of fashion and sticks were about to undergo more radical changes in their design.

“There was a total lack of consistency,” says Robert Clift, the 1988 gold medal winner. “You would pick up a batch of sticks and none of them would be the same. Then a new batch would come and the weight, feel and turn would be totally different.

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  1. Am I wrong in thinking that in India and Pakistan they we’re shaving down the English sticks changing the skill set needed ?
    Hence the English dribble and Indian dribble


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