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Hockey stick review: Mercian Evolution

Mercian Evolution CKF90  Make: Mercian Model: Evolution CKF90 Bow: Ultimate Low – 24.5mm, 200mm from head Carbon: 90% premium grade Carbon Price: c. £160  Features:  The 90% carbon lay-up is placed across a fibreglass micro-skeleton giving good touch and feel with the Kevlar increasing durability and laminate bonding. The Ultimate (extreme)...

Hockey stick review: Otter O90

Otter O90  Make: Otter Model: O90 Bow: Ultra Low – 24.75mm, 200mm from head #Carbon: 90% Premium Japanese Carbon Price: c. £170  Features:  The ‘O’ or Otter range sticks have been crafted to improve 3D skills which are essential in today's modern game. It is a drag-flicker's dream with a 24.75 mm...

Field hockey stick review: Grays AC-7

Grays AC-7 (Aerocore)  Make: Grays  Model: AC-7  Shape: Dynabow-S  Bow: Medium – 24.75mm, 250mm from head  Price: c. £200  Features:  In the new Aerocore collection, every element of the stick has been evaluated & optimised to provide the best performing sticks in Grays’ history. Using Aerocore technology the weight distribution...

Hockey stick review: Rival Scoop

Rival Scoop X  Make: Rival Model: Scoop X Shape: Concave Bow: Low – 24.5mm, 200mm from head Carbon: 95% Japanese Carbon Price: c. £220  Features:  A low bow and concave groove all down the shaft of the stick right to a lip on the slim head make drag-flicking easy.  95% high quality Japanese carbon...

Field hockey stick review: JDH X93

JDH X93  Make: JDH Model: X93 Shape: Concave Bow: 24.75mm, 200mm from head Carbon: 95% Japanese Carbon Price: c. £300  Features:  An updated layup of Japanese Carbon finished with 3K Carbon Twill cloth gives great stiffness and power. The signature JDH Taper Toe design and silica finish on the face allow for excellent touch and control.  Designed with a concave...

Hockey stick review: Kuka Chromium

Kuka Chromium  Make: Kuka Model: Chromium Shape: XL 24 Bow: Extra Low – 24.5mm, 200mm from head Carbon: 95% Toray Super Carbon Price: £180 Features:  The superb extra-low bow combined with a very well-balanced shaft allows players to have the edge on 3D, scoop and tomahawk skills, no matter which position you play.  The XL24 features...

Hockey stick review: Gryphon Tour XXI 

Gryphon Tour XXI  Make: Gryphon Model: Tour XXI Shape: Pro 25  Bow: Low – 25mm, 250mm from head Carbon: 100% Carbon Quotient Price: c. £300  Features:  The GXXI TOUR Series is a result of years of development to achieve the ultimate level of power and balance for a hockey stick. Designed with...

Hockey stick review: Y1 Olympic

Y1 Olympic LTD X  Make: Y1 Model: Olympic Ltd X Shape: LB Bow: Dynamic Bow – 24.5 mm, 200mm from head Carbon: 95% premium grade Carbon Price: c. £260  Features:  Designed with a slightly thinned head profile allowing you to get under the ball more easily. It has the Y1 Dynamic Bow for the perfect slingshot...

Hockey stick review: Brabo Sam Ward #13 100 

Brabo SW#13 ELB 100  Make: Brabo  Model: SW#13 100 (Sam Ward #13 100)  Shape: ELB (Extreme Low Bow)  Bow: Extreme Low – 24mm, 200mm from head  Carbon: 100% high modulus Carbon  Price: c. £200  Features:  The SW13 100 ELB Hockey Stick is designed in conjunction with GB Olympian Sam Ward. The SW13 has the features...

Hockey stick review: Adidas Kromaskin.1 

Adidas Kromaskin.1  Make: Adidas  Model: Kromaskin.1  Shape: Choasfury (formerly AX)  Bow: Ultra Low – 24mm, 200mm from head  Carbon: 95% premium grade Carbon  Price: c. £300  Features:  Hypetex Kromaskin technology wrapping the stick shaft which enhances power generation and stick durability.  Epoxy core in the head of the...
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