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THE HOCKEY PAPER is the No.1 destination for exclusive news, interviews and analysis on the global game.

We have reached over 2 million readers since we launched in late 2016, first as a print-first product, while we now continue to be the digital market leader across issues in the sport both on and off the pitch.

THE HOCKEY PAPER covers English Hockey top flights, regional scene and reports on hockey action across the world. There are big interviews with star players, exclusive news and columns, special features on grassroots, universities and schools. As well as a dedicated junior section and coaching tips.

Investigations also play a major part in our coverage and we continue to be the No.1 source for issues such as:

  • 3G concerns

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Safety concerns in hockey

  • Hockey and the Olympics

  • Health and women’s sport

Just like the game itself, the hockey news cycle is fast, intense and worth watching and reading.


The latest news from the UK and across the globe is delivered by editor Rod Gilmour, who writes on hockey and Olympic sports for a variety of daily newspapers.

Coordinating views and opinions from experts across the playing, coaching and umpiring world, regular columnist, ex-international and respected coach Todd Williams also brings his own unique take on what’s happening on the pitch in today’s modern game.

We also have a cast of star columnists and contributors commentating on the big issues.


THE HOCKEY PAPER continues to be for every player, from Tenbury to Tokyo and from Ben Rhydding to Bhubaneswar. We want to know about all the great achievements and stories from your club or area to help give those people the recognition that they deserve.

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