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Hockey stick reviews 2023: the best guide on which sticks to buy

Our equipment expert tries out the latest field hockey sticks to hit the market and makes his verdict

We provide video analysis for each stick, detailing full product specs and design, and offering our assessment of which sticks are suited to which types of players and budgets

Grays Aerocore 7 (AC 7)

RRP £220
Carbon: Mid/High
Shape: Jumbow-S
Bow size: 24.75 mm
Bow Position: 200 mm

Space industry ‘aerocore’ technology to give soft touch and feel without compromising on power. The unique Jumbow-S shape allowing for easier carrying, passing, and hitting, whilst maintaining an ultra-low bow for flicking. The ‘Low Backhand Zone’ (LBZ) is a large, flattened area on the reverse allowing for easier backhand strikes.

THP Verdict

The AC-7 has improved so much since its first inception. It feels connected and has a unique cushioned feel on the dribble, with the Jumbow-S allowing easier ball movement than most low bows. The hit and slap are consistent and give good power for the price. The LBZ is a fantastic feature of the stick and if the reverse is an area of your game that you’d like to exploit then Grays AC 7 might be the one for you.

Brabo Traditional Carbon 100 Ultra

RRP: £190
Carbon: 100%
Shape: Ultra Extreme Low Bow
Bow size: 25 mm
Bow Position: 200 mm


100% 3k carbon gives excellent power and maximum stiffness, whilst still having some give on the receive. The ‘Elite Low Bow 3D Hook’ not only looks great but allows for easier lifting whilst dribbling as well as on aerials and drag flicks. The thin 3D curl allows the player to have better hand position when executing high-level technical skills.

THP Verdict

Overall, this is a great technicians stick. The sharp head shape combined with the low bow position and the combination of touch and stiffness make the Brabo traditional carbon 100 ultra a wonderful stick for collecting, dribbling and aerial elimination of opponents. Alongside that there’s explosive power on the well-executed hit and a bow that allows for drag flicks. 

Adidas Chaosfury Kromaskin .1

RRP £380
Carbon: High
Shape: Chaosfury
Bow size: 24 mm
Bow Position: 200 mm


The F1 inspired ‘Kromaskin’ technology covers the whole stick making it look stunning, but also strengthening the structural integrity of the stick. The compression core gives a very large, sweet spot for striking but also improves the feel when passing and receiving. The cut away underside of the stick allows players to lift the ball with great ease and control.

THP Verdict

This is a fantastic top-level stick. It looks great, it’s soft on ball reception, immediate and dynamic on the dribble as well as giving superb power on the hit both forehand and backhand. The pickup and bow also makes it a weapon on penalty corners. For high level club players this is a phenomenal all-round stick and well worth having in the bag.

Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel

RRP: £325 
Carbon Quotient: 95
Shape: Deuce II
Bow size: 25 mm
Bow Position: 205 mm


The blend of fibreglass, carbon and aramid gives the Taboo Blue Steel a unique feel. It is incredibly smooth when moving the ball with a very soft touch, but then has fantastic power on the strike and slap. The lightweight lay-up gives great balance throughout the field. The supreme cushion grip dampens any vibrations from a miscue.

THP Verdict

The Taboo Blue Steel is an all-rounders stick which manages to combine responsive touch with high powered striking. Aimed at high level club players and internationals the Taboo Blue Steel has become easier to use throughout the generations. So, if you are looking to take your game to the next level then this stick might be the one for you.

Gryphon Tour Gen 23

RRP: £385
Carbon Quotient: 100
Shape: Samurai
Bow size: 25 mm
Bow Position: 205 mm

6k carbon fibre gives this stick unrivalled power on both hits and slaps. The high balance point enables players to shift the ball rapidly when dribbling but still control the strike despite the low bow. The international players specifications that the stick is built to mean that a high skill level is required but the rewards for that skill are phenomenal.

THP Verdict

This is a superb stick for top level players. The control groove with the samurai shape is wonderful for PC flicks and aerials alike.  The combination of sublime touch and responsiveness alongside extreme power on the strike and slap makes it one the finest offerings available for any current or aspiring premier player.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post on the best sticks to buy for hockey in 2023. I’m a beginner player and I’m looking for a good stick to start with, and I think I’ll be sticking with one of the sticks

  2. Been playing hockey for 5years+ now. Used Grays and Gryphon both of them very good for the price tag. Especially the Grays is good. But you missed one of the best ones OSAKA hockey sticks (I think it’s because they don’t usually use OSAKA in Europe), they’re in great quality and pretty affordable not like Adidas. Overall, I think OSAKA is the winner. (I Play as a Mid Fielder and Defender; I have used more than 6 sticks in my time best one I used is OSAKA Pro Tour 100 2.0 Mid Bow > .)

    Good Luck For Your Future Games…


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