Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hockey stick review: Brabo Traditional Carbon 100 Ultra

Our equipment expert tries out the latest field hockey sticks to hit the market and makes his verdict


RRP: £190
Carbon: 100%
Shape: Ultra Extreme Low Bow
Bow size: 25 mm
Bow Position: 200 mm


100% 3k carbon gives excellent power and maximum stiffness, whilst still having some give on the receive.

The ‘Elite Low Bow 3D Hook’ not only looks great but allows for easier lifting whilst dribbling as well as on aerials and drag flicks. The thin 3D curl allows the player to have better hand position when executing high-level technical skills.

THP Verdict

Overall, this is a great technicians stick. The sharp head shape combined with the low bow position and the combination of touch and stiffness make the Brabo traditional carbon 100 ultra a wonderful stick for collecting, dribbling and aerial elimination of opponents.

Alongside that there’s explosive power on the well-executed hit and a bow that allows for drag flicks.

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