Friday, December 1, 2023

Hockey stick review: Grays Aerocore 7 (AC 7)

Our equipment expert tries out the latest field hockey sticks to hit the market and makes his verdict

Grays Aerocore 7 (AC 7)

RRP £220
Carbon: Mid/High
Shape: Jumbow-S
Bow size: 24.75 mm
Bow Position: 200 mm

Space industry ‘aerocore’ technology to give soft touch and feel without compromising on power.

The unique Jumbow-S shape allowing for easier carrying, passing, and hitting, whilst maintaining an ultra-low bow for flicking. The ‘Low Backhand Zone’ (LBZ) is a large, flattened area on the reverse allowing for easier backhand strikes.

THP Verdict

The AC-7 has improved so much since its first inception. It feels connected and has a unique cushioned feel on the dribble, with the Jumbow-S allowing easier ball movement than most low bows.

The hit and slap are consistent and give good power for the price. The LBZ is a fantastic feature of the stick and if the reverse is an area of your game that you’d like to exploit then Grays AC 7 might be the one for you.

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