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‘Inadequate’: Plymouth clubs sets up petition to save hockey in the city

Hockey in Plymouth is being neglected while the city council is failing to provide adequate playing facilities. That’s the verdict of the hockey community in the city who have now set up a petition to help the sport, as well as seven senior and four junior clubs survive.

Correspondence to The Hockey Paper continues to grow on the subject of playing facilities and the future for our sport – and there is no sign of stopping as clubs get word of our 3G investigation and local authorities and educational sites stay tight-lipped over the future of pitch surfaces.

For over three years, Tristan Andrews, co-chairman for PGSOB HC in Plymouth, has been pressing his club’s local authority without any valid response on an almost weekly basis as he looks to safeguard the sport in his region.

There are two hockey specific pitches in Plymouth (Marjon) and a further four multi-sport surfaces which service 36 senior teams across the city, four junior clubs and six vets sides. Of the four multi-sport pitches, only one could be considered suitable for use as a hockey pitch.

Andrews has been asking for either a further hockey specific pitch or to upgrade one of the three multi-sport pitches to make it suitable for the club.

“As a hockey community, we are doing what we can to adapt to the lack of suitable playing surfaces,” said Andrews in launching the petition.

Andrews says that a clubs’ merger is the answer with the plan to build around a community, while petitioners are calling on the council to maintain the playing surface. Plans now include five of those clubs merging out of one site.

Andrews added: “We want to build a community around a sports club that is inclusive to all. To build lasting friendships, promote both mental and physical well-being, even if it’s just to encourage local residents out of their houses to come and watch some sport and support their local team amongst friends. After the two years we’ve had, who wouldn’t want that?”

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  1. Councils are soon going to have no money. If you play on a private school pitch, you may be OK, but otherwise, as I see it, the only ways to save pitches are:
    1. Have a pot of money available, so that when the time comes to replace the playing surface, the council doesn’t have to shoulder the full burden. It’s not right, but it may be enough to tip them away from switching to 3G. (On the other hand, it may not be)
    2. Clubs develop own facilities. Where the money comes from is anyone’s guess.

    Start saving.

  2. Unfortunately Andrew this has been happening for a long time now as we know from previous articles on here.

    Say the same what are EH going to do about it ?

    Nothing they only care about looking after themselves and the Top of the Pyramid at England Teams and where the money is coming from.

    The grassroots level is not in their thinking and remit at any circumstances from Club , player welfare and development of the game too.

    Yes Local authority have a better funding from Football as easier to provide the sport.

    Let’s hope these clubs whom not so fortunate can survive .


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