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buying hockey sticks

Hockey stick development through the ages: 1980s and finding strength

We take a look at how the stick has developed over the last four decades to cater for the way we now play the game Hockey has changed a great deal over the last 40 years with changes in pitches,...

What makes the perfect field hockey stick?

From the archive: Simon Mason says research is key to choosing the right stick Carbon has become an over-used word, more carbon can create greater stiffness in the stick, that increased stiffness can transfer more power from the player to...

How to choose the right field hockey stick and which stick to buy

When it comes to buying a hockey stick there are an overwhelming number of technological claims each designed to make that specific brand appear unique and therefore desirable Are they all wholly relevant, maybe, but given his analogy to the...
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London Hockey aided by diverse projects

A dozen projects are bringing newcomers to the sport from London's diverse community. Most of these projects start in state...
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