Thursday, November 30, 2023

School of hard knocks? Why it’s time to protect our youngsters on the hockey pitch

Potentially our most vulnerable and most valuable team-mates are not being protected on the field of play

Teenagers trudging off the pitch at the end of a league match with blood running down their knees, elbows or clutching an ice pack to their head or shoulder has become a regular sight in hockey.

Many squads throughout the levels have junior players within them and quite rightly take immense pride in their development of young players. For some smaller or more provincial clubs, one of the only impacts that they can have on the upper echelons of the sport is in the advancement of talented juniors as they start on their hockey journey.

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  1. I agree – otherwise we will loose the skill and those players will leave to sport and our talent pool will be made up of those who don’t develop skill / don’t use it as they are to afraid of getting hurt at the lower level – difficult problem to solve !


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