Thursday, February 22, 2024

Fanciful English revolution or ploy to usher in change to club hockey culture?

‘Revolution on the horizon’ was the headline in a ‘report’ this week that a breakaway league away from England Hockey was in the offing. 

As test-the-water marketing pieces go — for that’s clearly what this was — it got people talking. At least it may have done so for those seasoned enough to care about the English Premier Division or who, perhaps, even attend top flight matches.

The story lacked any information or substance, apart from detailing the fact that it could have a headline sponsor and a TV sports channel willing to take a product which, on current status, would have top tier hockey on show with crowds numbering those akin to departures at Stornoway airport.

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  1. A franchise model could be a route to a professional league, but where’s the money coming from? That’s the rub, how will any sponsor or broadcaster make a return on investment

  2. It would need someone like Barry Hearn to be able to set the the League in a new direction. There will be negatives as well as positives, but if the sport is to grow commercially it’s the only way – EH clearly aren’t capable of it.

  3. Those that are paid by & make changes on behalf of EH need to modernise, take notice & take direction from what clubs are telling them.

  4. IMHO venues are the problem, many top flight clubs do not have the facilities say a Beeston or Fylde has, pumping money in will not solve this issue as even if a club joining a ‘super league’ is given funds for a pitch, they would have to find land, gain planning and then lay a pitch and such facilities..this will take years to achieve.

  5. “Sports today have to offer something different to stand out. Just take a look at the ECB’s The Hundred.”

    I think this ignores the part where The Hundred was tremendously divisive, and, just two-years into its life, is already facing changes because the finances don’t add up.


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