Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Secret Coach: Are you using and embracing technology in hockey?

The London Underground has been transporting passengers on the Tube for 160 years. It is a fantastic piece of engineering. Every time I use it, it works. Yes, it’s crowded, yes it isn’t always clean but it is amazing that it keeps going. I marvel at these feats of engineering. I wish HUDL worked the same.

It has been a beautiful piece of software that I have used for 20+ years, but the latest version breaks one of its best features. For years the colour palette was easy to use and easy to sort. Now, there are two palettes, and you can’t make head nor tail of them. All my timelines from 1998-2020 have been rendered unsorted and useless because of a problem they claim they can’t fix! Nothing is sorted correctly, and nothing makes sense.

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