Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Data analyst ‘honoured’ to work on Hockey World Cup

A Master’s student is undertaking a prestigious placement with GB and England Hockey as part of his Sport Performance Analysis degree at Middlesex University. 

Tariq Du Lac, a 21-year-old from south London, had already been working on supporting top male and female British hockey players competing in the Pro League and prep databases in the run up to the recent men’s World Cup. 

Du Lac said: “The analysis team came up with a new database working on all the set pieces of all the different countries teams since 2015. 

“I have collected data on the person and where they shoot at the goalkeeper to help the men with their prep. It is a lot of work but it is such an honour for me to say that I helped my nation prepare for the World Cup.”

During the World Cup, the games were sent back to the UK where Du Lac helped to code. 

Du Lac, who completed a Sports Science undergraduate degree at St Mary’s, Twickenham, says he had initial doubts about applying for the Master’s at Middlesex. 

England players take in the Bhubaneswar applause PIC: WorldSportPics/

“I wasn’t sure but thought I would apply anyway, never in a million years did I think I would get it,” he said.

“It was the first time I had to do an interview task which is quite cool and good experience 

“When I started the hockey placement in October, coming into a new sport was quite daunting, especially when you are working with internationals and Olympians. 

“It is interesting trying to advise and answer athlete’s questions when you are trying to find out how to analyse hockey and understand the sport yourself at the same time. 

“The staff at England Hockey have been so helpful which has really helped and fortunately I am a quick learner so I have picked up things quickly 

“It has been incredible so far and I am so fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to be working on something so big.” 

He will now work with the England men’s and women’s teams for the Pro League before turning his attention to the Euros. 

“Both teams have the Euros this year so there are two more big tournaments to work on which is amazing,” he added.

“Hockey has been a great insight into what other sports look like from a sport science world. I do not mind what sport I end up in, but working with any elite athlete and saying that you have been able to help them in some way is a privilege in itself.”

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