Sunday, June 23, 2024

Report: Should there be a half-term league hockey break?

One month into the season and a wealth of clubs across the England Hockey leagues and lower have had a one-week hiatus due to half-term – some experiencing a two-week break with no hockey.

Hundreds of teachers or those in education who play hockey no doubt welcome the ruling, while a poll this week conducted by The Hockey Paper revealed that nearly 60 per cent would prefer no break at all. Presumably most voters were players not volunteer administrators. 

We undertook a club survey during the pandemic to get a state of play when it comes to October and February breaks. The majority consensus was that the rise in junior membership into senior teams had a factor in squad selection and the break was needed, although that was disputed by several other clubs.  

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  1. In the lower South Central leagues the women have a 2 week break the same as the mens teams. It’s incredibly disruptive just as you’re getting into the swing of the season.

    One week sounds about right but two feels like forever. Add in the fact it means our league games go on until 17th December it seems mad. When are we supposed to get ourselves organised for Christmas?!

    I haven’t spoken to a single person that is in favour of two weeks off.

  2. Half term was always a selection nightmare, 2 weeks of poor availability, bare 11s, doubling up and having to drop fixtures. Introducing a 1 week half term break in October and February in the Midlands Area is a fantastic improvement.

    It’s not about teachers, it’s about adults and children going on holiday. There is nothing stopping clubs arranging friendly hockey during the break, we did. But going back on this huge step forward would be madness

  3. Related point, the Sunday at the end of half term was used for junior EH Cup fixtures. Where’s the sense in having a break in senior leagues but using it for junior fixtures??

  4. Whilst the 1/2 term beak after only a few weeks of hockey is strange, many clubs rely on School pitches, and many schools close down completely for 1/2 term…thus their pitch(es) are unavailable,which can csue issues if they clash with home games


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