Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Clarity’: England left frustrated but fuelled after gallant European Hockey silver

David Ames and Sam Ward on England men silver after 2-1 defeat to Netherlands

Monchengladbach — England men were left in the dark following the late series of video umpiring stoppages which marred the ending to the men’s EuroHockey final, ending with the Netherlands securing not only the defence of their title but the all-important ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The Netherlands were leading 2-1 when Phil Roper’s goal was disallowed and the on field umpire and video umpire conversed for around five minutes before a penalty stroke was given. Nick Banduark was left inconsolable at the final hooter following his two misses from the penalty stroke spot. 

“I don’t want this to gloss over what’s been a really good final and one of the longest there’s been,” said captain David Ames, “but it’s frustrating when you come into the tournament and told by the umpire managers you have to do everything that’s instant, arguably within 10 seconds.”

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  1. How can a penalty stroke be awarded if the goal was disallowed.
    Absolute fiasco….heartbreaking for all England players and supporters.😡😡😡😡😡

  2. So if it was dangerous it was a free out, the ball was on target so not dangerous and advantage played and goal scored. If penalty stroke awarded it should have been immediately it hit the Dutch player if deemed to be on target and he was last line of defence. Video umpire said quite clearly their was no evidence to change your decision but she then wilted under extreme pressure from the umpire to find something to dissalow the goal.’what a sorry end to a great game and unfortunately the game will be remembered for the wrong reasons😂

  3. Advantage played , ball was too high since it hit dutch bum to go in goal. But before the advantage there was dutch stick tackle hence the penalty flick. Right decision. Dutch should have closed the game just before but missed open goal. Dutch goalie save two badly taken flicks by english player.

  4. @Sander
    How can you have an advantage and then a stroke?
    It is one or the other.
    If you don’t make the most of the ‘advantage’ you do not get to go back.


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