Friday, May 24, 2024

‘There has to be more Pro League incentive – I miss tournament hockey’

The best teams playing each other all over the world and getting exposure to those nations all year round. It sounds like a great idea from the outset, doesn’t it?

Yet, I miss tournament hockey. We have lost the World Leagues and Champions Trophy and that’s been replaced by Pro League. However, at the moment, the FIH’s global league isn’t seen or heard. It’s not an event. 

There has to be more incentive and to celebrate winning it. The Champions Trophy was massive but unfortunately the Pro League doesn’t have the same cache.

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  1. As an avid hockey fan, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in this article. The Pro League is undoubtedly a step forward, but it lacks the same level of excitement and anticipation as tournament hockey. The incentive to win a championship and represent your country on a global stage is unmatched. I hope the governing bodies reconsider their approach to ensure the essence of tournament hockey is not lost in the pursuit of innovation.
    Tiger Eye Stone

  2. So many changes and still the same outcome. No promo, no profile and no outcome. Has to have a tournament feel, Lily is very right.

  3. I as long standing hockey fan would like Champion’s Trophy and WHL re introduced as this pro league is essentially a invitation closed club where teams get ranking points for just playing against each .

  4. Clearly the paying public aren’t that interested either. The double header against Belgium was a sell-out but the women’s game v China was embarrassingly lacking in supporters.
    This must be a very expensive tournament to participate in; surely the money could be better spent?

  5. I’m from the Netherlands and I can’t see Pro League matches from other countries anymore. It used to be different. It should be available for everybody to see. This is not the way to propagate hockey.


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