Sunday, July 21, 2024

‘Maddie Hinch transformed goalkeeping, hockey and mental health culture – we owe her so much’

Our columnist reflects on playing alongside England and GB great Maddie Hinch, who changed goalkeeping and the sport in the UK, as well as creating an open environment for mental health

Maddie Hinch made goalkeeping cool. I even started thinking about whether I wanted to be a goalie — she even convinced me for a second by what she has done! She has transformed goalkeeping and inspired so many people to go in goal. We look at the talent coming through, those who had watched her at the Rio Olympics and put on GK kit for the first time. What she has done for the sport is simply incredible.

I am close to Mads and we had conversations over the weeks and months about what she was thinking and what her plans were. We both went to the Netherlands the year after Tokyo and I know it started to play in her head for what was best for her and the team.

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  1. This is 100% true, Maddie Hinch has changed how people inside and out of hockey think about hockey goalkeepers

    She’s a legend and England and GB will miss her influence


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