Monday, December 4, 2023

Hockey India reveals ‘cash for victories’ policy

Hockey India has announced a ‘landmark decision’ to award cash awards for every win the men’s and women’s national sides produce.

In a statement, the new policy was referred as a “big boost to morale” in which players will be assured of cash incentives annually.

Under the new leadership of president Dilip Tirkey and secretary general Bholanath Singh, Hockey India will give away cash award of 50,000 Indian Rupees (around £537) each for players and Rs25,000 each for support staff for every win the teams register.

Hockey India said: “The new policy will be a big shot-in-the-arm for players particularly those who come from difficult financial backgrounds. The award will be for the playing members of the squad.

Tirkey said: “I strongly believe this announcement will boost the morale of the Indian Teams as they prepare for the prestigious World Cup in January and the Asian Games. While every player in the core group is employed, an incentive like this will attract more youngsters to play hockey.”

Reflecting Tirkey’s thoughts, Singh added: “I believe this is a landmark decision taken by Hockey India. It will not only lift the spirit of the Indian teams to vie harder for victories but it will also make young aspiring hockey players believe that hockey can be a financially viable sport. I wish the Indian teams the very best in their endeavours.”

Hockey India had recently announced cash awards for player and support staff after India won the Sultan of Johor Cup.

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