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Hockey Matters: England taking GB place in Pro League was plain wrong

As a Wales and worldwide hockey fan I am asking this question: Why were England allowed to take the GB FIH space when it is meant to be GB? So the Welsh and for that matter the Scottish athletes who are part of GB lost out on the competitive practice that such a great tournament gives.

How can this be fair – Wales had the Commonwealth Games this summer and also the A Division qualifiers. Of course we lost out to England in the A Division qualifiers and whilst it would always have been a big ask why should GB hockey give help to England in favour of Wales. 

In no circumstance is this right. I hear people say that England’s woman’s performance this summer in the World Cup affects GB’s world rankings, well they did not even make the semi finals. Yes they won the Commonwealths and well done, but nothing surely justifies what happened to the Welsh athletes being excluded from the Pro League.

It should not be allowed to happen again but I guess a few lone voices will make little difference. Maybe if your paper ran an article on this we could have some sensible debate.

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Losing hockey pitches to 3G

So what is EH’s role in combatting this?

I believe that clubs which potentially could be in this situation in the future feel that EH has abandoned them, leaving only the elite clubs with their own pitch or pitches to survive?

EH MUST stand up & be counted. – before it’s too late. I’m sure a statement from EH would be welcome.

They should be asking the government to ensure that only like for like carpet replacement for the sports currently being played on them are made: any proposal for 3G carpets should be in addition to the countries current pitch stock.

B R Mobberley

If your hockey club is threatened by a lack of provision or closure due to council decisions, please get in touch with us so we can raise your concern.

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  1. I am an English person, but I do agree that if the Olympics is the ultimate ambition of players in Hockey , then we should be inclusive of all who would be available to play for GB. In the past this was an issue and it seems still is.

    Having said this I do not believe the pro League is the answer on so many levels. The money could be used so much better let alone the green issues when we travel the world for so few games.


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