Friday, May 27, 2022

Winning in Hockey: How to structure team-based conditioning sessions

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Henry Davies
Henry Davies
Henry is a man on a mission: to enable hockey players to excel by providing them with the very best training content available. Henry also works for the English Institute of sport.

When running a team conditioning session, there are a number of challenges that you will likely encounter. I am going to be giving you some simple ways that you can navigate these, to make your life simpler.

As a club, it is likely that you will already be doing team fitness sessions. Some of the problems you may have faced include individualisation, specificity and variety. These are the three problems that I will address, to help you complete your conditioning sessions in a simple, impactful way.


All things can be placed on a continuum, from ‘optimise’ to ‘satisfise’. Things that are important often need to be highly optimised. This might include the quality of your work or purchasing the best quality food that you can. Things that are less important can just satisfise, meaning satisfying a basic requirement. This may be just buying any type of pencil because it really isn’t that important.

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