Friday, April 19, 2024

World hockey to launch penalty corner project in bid ‘to keep spectacle and curb dangers’

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is set to investigate the dangers of the penalty corner routine while maintaining the “excitement and spectacle” of the set piece, the world body admitting that trial rules could be implemented to enhance safety.

The FIH executive board has approved to launch a ‘global penalty corner consultation project’, which aims to gather input from the hockey community. The fact that the sport’s ruling body is looking into the PC suggests that it is concerned over danger, although there is little global research on the subject due to inadequate injury monitoring across the globe.

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  1. The solution is obvious – make the rule on backboard height apply to any first attempt on goal whether hit, dragged or flicked

    The best drag flickers can still do amazing things with low flicks but it will remove a lot of the danger

    • Your suggestion would help, but does not address the role that deflections play in PC routines. I would argue that deflections are the bigger threat to safety as they deny the GK – and defenders between the ball and the goal – time to react, and are more likely to cause injury.

      • Deflections are an issue, but most injuries you see are defenders wearing drag flicks above knee height. If the ball has to stay low to score a goal, then the incentive for the attacking team to lift it disappear


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