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Torbay aims to hold 70th anniversary Easter Hockey Festival in 2022

The Torbay Easter Hockey Festival hopes to hold its 70th running next Spring.

The original 70th anniversary was due to take place last Easter before the pandemic took hold. The 2022 event is set for April 13-18.

At the time, the famous Torbay event was one of only two men’s XI’s festivals – and the longest running – in the country.

The other was Skegness, founded in 1973, while the other festivals of note include Blackpool (1952) and Folkestone (1906), which are now mixed 7-a-side events.

Tony Forward, Broadsands 1986

The Torbay festival is suitable for clubs wishing to field players of mixed ability, with the emphasis on competitive but social hockey.

Although the festival is a men’s event and doesn’t yet include a formal mixed competition, teams with women’s payers are welcome, organisers say. Younger team players are also encouraged.

There is no outright festival winner but cups are awarded to the highest scoring and friendliest (on the pitch) teams.

Oddfellows defending a corner , Clennon Valley , Good Friday 2019

Organisers say that no entry window is currently open, the number of clubs signalling their intention to play is healthy.

For more info, email Mike Carter

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