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Lack of English hockey’s media coverage rears its head once more

It started with a daily video blog countdown and ended with a picket outside the Daily Telegraph offices. A decade ago, a committed rugby league fan travelled down to London on a cold November morning, armed with a spoof four-page Telegraph mock-up. His mission? To complain about the lack of his sport’s minimal coverage in the national paper.

I was in the offices at the time and remember thinking firstly how novel this was, when a letter might have sufficed, but also the passion in what he was trying to achieve.

His picket worked. He was invited in, got meetings with several management staff, including the assistant sport’s editor who committed to several changes, while there was a notable pick-up in domestic and international reportage thereafter.

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  1. Football rules in the media and newspapers driven by commercial revenue and tv. premier league, F1, cricket, rugby, golf. No hockey in the media because the domestic club game is so dire, no fans, no promotion, no idea.

  2. In putting together 126 years of Wales’ Cap History research in media and digitl archives is at times difficult. In the early days of the 1900s through the WW1 and on to WW2 most matches, certainly the domestic internationals were reported in detail. Post WW2 and particularly 1970s/80s onward trying to establish definitive teams/caps through media reports has become hard and almost negible as you move into the 1990s. With the FIH site going back only a few years the documentation of both Wales’ and some other hockey history remains a concern.

  3. That is because most of the public still think Hockey to being a Girl’s Game.
    Sad they have not played the game or watched .
    Our Media the Television have not done justice to the Hockey Game…
    Because funnily we The Hockey have won more medals for the country as winners then our Football Teams I the world and Europe as Champions and runner ups


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