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Beckie Middleton column: Surbiton captain unphased after unbeaten run ends

Surbiton’s 53-game unbeaten run has been talked about much more externally than it has by us. We weren’t even aware it had been so long until someone outside the team flagged up the ‘50’ milestone.

I actually find it pretty easy to see last weekend’s defeat against Leicester as ‘just another game’. I’m more disappointed that we failed to get a point (if not more) having got back on level terms from two goals down.

Losing with the last hit of the game hurts regardless of how long it is since your last defeat.

I guess a long unbeaten run is something to be proud of, but ultimately we’re aiming for trophies, not records. After all, you could draw 53 consecutive games, but that wouldn’t win you anything!

We probably did enough to win this game, but I can think of similar situations in the last couple of years where we perhaps haven’t deserved three points but still managed to get over the line.

The run was always going to end eventually and maybe it’s unsurprising that it happened when seven of our GB players are away on international duty. That includes some key individuals, but any team that loses half of its regular matchday squad will find it hard to adjust, whoever those players are.

Having said that, kudos to Leicester – a good team who always give us a tough game. They were clinical with their chances and it takes guts to score a late winner after having a 2-0 lead pegged back.

I’m a big believer that you can learn just as much from winning as from losing. That’s one of the reasons Surbiton have done well over a long period. We’ve consolidated and built on our strengths as well as trying to improve our weaknesses.

However, we must learn from this defeat. If we do, next Saturday could be the start of another unbeaten run. If we don’t it could affect our confidence and our performances in the run up to playoffs and Europe.

Funnily enough, the last side we lost to in the league was Leicester in 2014. It’s also my old club, so I suppose in a way there isn’t another team I would rather break our run. It puts them in the mix for a playoff spot too… maybe we will have the chance to get our own back at Lee Valley in April?

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