Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Meet the touring side with the hockey ‘AGM’ everyone wants to attend

Phil Benton, from Alderley Edge Hockey Club, on an ‘undesirables’ side set to celebrate 50 years of continuous touring

The Undesirables – Cogito Ergo Sum. Although ancient stone tablets show two figures standing opposite each other in a now familiar hockey pose with a shaped piece of wood reminiscent of a hockey stick and a round object it is doubtful that Rene Descartes played hockey in 1637 when writing Discourse on Method. Were he a touring hockey player he would undoubtedly have played for The Undesirables.

The 50th anniversary of The Undesirables will be celebrated next year after Malcolm “Kembie” Kemble (Edgbaston), William Beard (Bournville) and Jimmy Sharp (also Edgbaston) returned to Birmingham following their entering a team into a six a side tournament at RAF Innsworth. 

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If anyone knows of a suitable festival that could accommodate the Undesirables in their celebration of 50 years of continuous touring, Jockey and the committee would love to hear from you. Email

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