Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Hockey tips from the top: goalkeeping with Anton Van Loggerenberg

South African and Southgate keeper Van Loggerenberg shares his advice between the posts

Be calm, make yourself look as simple as possible

“The simple keeper is usually the better keeper. I find lots of keepers that are diving around all the time going crazy.

“Yes, they may make a couple of good saves, but actually they’re the ones that may concede a few goals that they should be saving, so just be calm.”

A good stance

“Head slightly over the knees in a squatting position, and feet shoulder width apart so it allows you to explode. My goalkeeper coach calls it the lightning bolt.

“It’s also another part that has changed my game, I was a slightly wider stance keeper and that’s allowed for less explosive energy when trying to make a save.”


“I saw a quote that says a good keeper make saves, but a great keeper doesn’t have to because of their communication.

“I think a lot of times I find keepers are very quiet, but you have to be loud and proud at the back.”

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