Saturday, December 9, 2023

Women’s Hockey World Cup 2022: England search for front foot play and consistency

A theme has run through the England women’s team in recent years. It started with former coach Mark Hager, who set up his team to play more attack-minded hockey and has seemingly continued with David Ralph, the Scot who took over from the Australian last September. 

The turnover of players after Tokyo and the conversion from GB to England always proves a tricky period. The recent Pro League conclusion has suggested as much: seventh place with five wins from 14, while England have fallen short of expectations in the last two World Cups. 

Now, with three tournaments in three months – starting against India on Sunday at the Wagener Stadium – and the road to Paris 2024, Ralph will hope to put the fruits of his first months in the job into proper competition play. 

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  1. He is correct but to do this we have to be solid in defence and not give away possession cheaply or resort to aimless slaps or aerials to nowhere – composure is a key element to success. The team have the talent to do well but everyone, from the first whistle, must step up, no hiding and have the belief that we can win every game – 2016 was a great example of what can be achieved if they believe and work hard as individuals and as a team👍🍾


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