Sunday, December 3, 2023

Our free access offer for club hockey committee members

Committee members are the unsung heroes in hockey. Endless meetings, Zoom calls, Whatsapps, emails.

They give tirelessly, with little or no recognition. The job is unpaid and highly demanding. Chairpersons, Presidents, Treasurers, Fixtures Secretaries, Social Media Managers…you know who you are.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer free access to premium content on until May 1 for anyone currently serving on a hockey club committee, worth £18 per person.

This is a small thank you to those people doing so much to keep our sport moving forwards in 2022.

This offer is redeemable until January 16 and is available to new subscribers only.


Ask your Chair or President to email where we can relay further details. With exciting new columnists about to be announced for 2022, the timing has never been better. We hope you enjoy.

This offer is redeemable until January 16.

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