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Norfolk club turn to petition to save pitch

Norfolk side Watton HC are the latest club to turn to a petition to stave off the threat of losing their pitch.

Watton is asking Breckland Council to save its community pitch which the club says “is in a worrying state of disrepair” and has two years maximum left.

“Watton as a town has grown dramatically over the past 10 years, with new housing being built every single day,” the club said. “However there has been very little invested in improving leisure factilites in the area.

“If the pitch was condemned, it would mean the end of several clubs who depend on it, as well as seeing one of Breckland & Watton’s biggest commuinty assets wasted and people forced to travel to Norwich and Kings Lynn.”

The hockey pitch is used by Watton, schools and senior and junior footbal teams every week.

The club added: “After 20+ years of wear and tear, the pitch now needs to be resurfaced in order for the the clubs to continue to play their sports safely. However, Sports England currently do not provide grants suitable for the project and funding from Breckland Council and other organisations has been hard to come by.”

MP George Freeman inspected the club pitch recently

Local MP George Freeman said: “I have fond memories of my own children playing there and it would be such a shame that this gem of a club can’t get the funding they so truly deserve. Many members at the club would not have had the opportunity to play hockey without Watton having this key asset.

“That is why I have offered to actively support any funding bids that the Club makes, and I will also support them as they look to raise plans with the local council.”

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  1. Another Club suffering from this Nationally and what is EH going to do about it ?

    Probably nothing and just look after the Big Clubs as always.

    Shocking and wonder why Hockey numbers dwindle or level of players development hindered at all ages.

    Sure there be plenty more articles on Clubs suffering and a shame too the sport we love and folk losing out.

    • Hi Dunc,

      The funding simply isn’t there for clubs such as oursleves. We’re a family club, but still operate with over 200 members. Sports England / EH have no funds in place for these projects.

      If you have time, please do sign the petiton 🙂


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