Tuesday, July 5, 2022

John-John Dohmen: I would have had heart attack at Hockey World Cup

INTERVIEW: Belgium Red Lions star speaks to The Hockey Paper ahead of Pro League opener

Exclusive: Belgium star discusses his life-threatening pneumonia at the 2018 World Cup and why he is playing on until Paris Olympics

Fifteen minutes after the Olympic men’s final, as others were celebrating with a glass and a cigar, then assistant coach Michel van den Heuvel revealed recently that he was in the dressing room with John-John Dohmen discussing how to defend better against penalty corners.

“I don’t really remember that but it’s not a surprise to me,” Dohmen told THP this week, his memory likely blanked because he was also pictured in the aftermath with cigar in his mouth. “But we are always talking about hockey. Even when we win something we are thinking about the next tournament. It was the case after Rio with the silver medal in our hands and the next moment we were talking about winning gold in Tokyo.”

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