Thursday, October 28, 2021

Lucy Holder interview: Youthful Wimbledon revel in Great Britain additions

The Hockey Paper speaks to the former England junior international harbouring senior ambition

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Rod Gilmour
The Hockey Paper's Editor. First covered international hockey at the 2010 Commonwealth Games - no better than a full house watching India play England - and has reported for the Daily Telegraph and other major newspapers ever since. Co-founded THP in 2016.

Lucy Holder has always been a fan of Alex Danson-Bennett’s “crazy reverse stick hitting” over the forehand strike. On Saturday, the 23-year-old scored her first of the season with one of her playing heroes and now Wimbledon coach watching on from the sidelines.

The forward, admitting to natural instincts in her match-winning strike, was on hand to follow up a rebound from Hollie Pearne-Webb as Wimbledon beat Holcombe 2-0 for their first win of the season in the Vitality Women’s Premier Division after Eliza Brett’s early goal.

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