Monday, December 4, 2023

Winning Parent: Allowing young people ‘responsibility’ gift through failure and freedom

In the second part of our Winning Parent series, leading coach Danny Massaro explains how to make a person grow from within to make the player thrive

It may sound simple to say but the one thing above all else a youngster who thrives has, is a wisdom that “they are in control of their own improvement.” If you asked them, “Who makes you better?” they would instantly respond, “ME! I make myself better.” They have a sense of personal control and self-confidence, which allows them to take this responsibility on their young shoulders. The key word is Independence and it leads to fantastic results in their psychology and their behaviours.

They seek out great people for advice, they bounce through failures, they risk, they dream and they improve themselves at fast rates in many areas of their lives. In sport, they win. They win big in fact. They become great role models, they are a joy to work with and they always eventually improve. They inspire others around them and they make their coaches look brilliant!

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