Monday, June 27, 2022

How self awareness can help the winning parent in sport

Almost all parents just want what's best for their kids yet they often go about it in less effective ways, writes Danny Massaro

My experiences as a teacher and coach have affected me deeply. I have rarely worked with a parent or coach who doesn’t want the best for the child.

I do not believe people set out to deliberately undermine and limit a child’s potential, diminish their independence and reduce their enjoyment of sport.

It can be obvious in some cases (shouting, threatening, ignoring, punishing) but mainly it occurs in subtle ways, so gradual and slight that no one really notices at the time.

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  1. I’m a parent and encouraged and supported my daughter all the way never putting her down just trying to give her confidence but when she reached national level ie U18 England then transferred to and Welsh hockey it was the coaches that lost all her confidence and enjoyment of hockey which has made her just play club hockey as says she’s not good enough. This is I am sure as we live rural and don’t play for the right club because if the distance to travel.


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