Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Olympic hockey controversies: 8 moments at the summer Games

The Hockey Paper takes a look down memory lane at some low points in Olympic hockey competition

Rome 1960 – A right old bully
A round robin match between Germany and Pakistan ended in unusual circumstances involving an errant stick, a bully and a goal. With the clock ticking, Gunther Ullerich was adjudged to have illegally blocked a shot with his hand, with the umpire ordering a bully. Either a case of petulance or eagerness, Ullerich only touched twice – the bully rule states that two opposing players must alternately strike their sticks together and the ground three times before hitting the ball – as he was ordered to repeat the bully. When he hit the ball before the third touch on the second bully, the umpire awarded a goal to Pakistan, who duly won the match 2-1.

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