Monday, December 4, 2023

European hockey alliance formed to protect top clubs and players

Some of Europe’s top hockey clubs from five nations have joined forces to form an international alliance to protect its continental domestic league structure, the Euro Hockey League and the 11 v 11 traditional format.

The European Association of Hockey Clubs (EHCO) was unveiled on Friday with clubs initially signed up from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain and Austria. So far, English clubs have not joined the table.

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  1. The sense of elitism that these European clubs have formed is baffling. They want to force their agenda on the rest of the hockey world. To them only their hockey matters, the rest of the world be damned.

    The strange thing is all these clubs have had decades to popularize the sport and give hockey players some economic benefit. They have still not managed it and live like paupers.

    Still, they want to have a veto power over everything related to hockey, that includes international hockey and hockey 5s.

  2. FIH and Continental hockey bodies need to think and do things at a global scale. Europe now facing this issue while other continent are struggling to have a decent league. We need to make hockey accessible to more and grow the game across the world.

    Look at the big picture please.

  3. Good. Someone needs to put the FIH back in their box. World hockey needs to level up to European levels and not be dumbed down with competitions like the Pro League.


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