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7 Winning Tips When Wagering on Field Hockey Online Betting

Grass Hockey or Field Hockey is a sport with a rich history. In Europe, this kind of hockey is significantly popular. The whole idea of this sport is identical to football. The field size is almost the same; there are also eleven men in a team, the match length is seventy minutes, and the game fight for most of the game is tactical and needs strategic techniques of players.

NHL betting for hockey fans is a great way to bring a thrill to the game and get more out of the hockey season. Finding out the mechanics of how to be a successful bettor can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming. We have put together this winning guide covering all the NHL wagering tips for successful betting.

The NHL’s great popularity brought the probability of the best places and events to start wagering on field hockey bets. So, whether your ultimate goal in hockey betting is to make the game more interesting or make huge money, here are seven winning tips that will help you with your field hockey online betting.

Get the Best Lines

Always get the best lines. The most critical aspect of hockey betting, just like any other sports betting, is to make sure that you get the best odds on all your wagers.

It is also advised, and it’s worthy of having accounts with several sportsbooks so you can look around and wager at the sportsbook that has the best offers for the best odds.

Wisely Choose the Best Parlays

Parlay betting is when you wager on two or more games on one ticket, which requires you to win all games to win your bet.

Parlays can be quite tempting because it gives a huge amount of payout if you win. Parlays can also come in handy on occasions when you place two bets that are correlated. Just make sure that your sportsbook allows same-game parlays.

Avoid betting favourites of -200 or higher

Limit betting on heavy favourites. It may seem like you are guaranteed to win, but you will soon realize there are no instant guarantees when betting on heavy favourites in field hockey.

It is recommended that you avoid placing bets on favourites of -200 or higher, especially on the Moneyline. Betting on a favourite of -200 means that you will bet on 200 on every three bets to break even to win.

Take the puck line

If you are much more of a risk-taker and can’t help but bet on a heavy favourite, then consider taking the puck line instead of Moneyline to lessen the risk.

The puck line is the field hockey betting version of the point spread. You get lower odds against you by betting on a team to win two goals or more. For example, one team might score -200 on the Moneyline, but they might wager +150 if you take the -1.5-puck line.

The risk is lesser if you take a favourite on the puck line that requires a team to win by two goals or more.

Do your research

Researching is a very obvious hockey betting tip. However, there is more to consider than just making your picks. For example, take a look at the team’s current schedule. Knowing more might help you find out that one team might be stronger than the other.

Usually, a team playing its first game in three days can be fresher and more agile than a team playing its third game in four days. Since field hockey is a game of effort and speed, knowing which team will bring more energy and excitement to the game is a huge strategy to win more.

Adopt a flat betting system

One of the few things you need to learn is discipline. With over 82 games in a season, even the league’s best teams experience few losses in a row. And this may happen to you too when betting on field hockey. Don’t panic when things don’t turn out your way. Experts say betting more on the next game to make up for a few losses is a recipe for disaster.

However, in the long run, if you pick more winners than losers, you may come out ahead. That is why it is recommended to apply a flat betting system in which you will risk or bet to win the same amount in each game, no matter how badly you like the bet, how well, or how poorly you have been doing recently.

Select wisely

Wagering on a game on television makes it exciting, but that should not be your only option for making a bet.

Be selective and only place a bet when you know the probability of the outcome. If ever you can’t resist the urge to bet on the television game, place your bet much smaller than the usual or regular bets.

One of the betting rules is to bet with your head and not with your heart.


Like any other sports betting, the advice is basic: you need to be familiar with the specifics and rules, understand the teams and the style and their strategy with the game. In general, there is no definite method that will guarantee a consistent win to your bets. However, it is suggested that you keep an eye on every winning strategy that every sportsbook entails.

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