Sunday, December 3, 2023

Hockey’s best April Fools Day jokes

Portsmouth HC is rolling out Zorb Hockey next season. To increase player safey, all outfield players will be forced to wear increased protective equipment. FIH Press Officer, Evan Alarf, was quoted as saying: “This ridiculous suggestion will ruin the sport of Hockey for years to come”.

For those who don’t know one end of the stick from the other, the Reverse Stick revealed that the FIH had revised the rules on stick specifications, six years after changing the rules due to iffy sticks.

The Canterbury HC club shop marketing department has kicked into gear to produce a new range to its collection.

Beeston men and women have both been crowned Premier Division winners, acccording to… Beeston HC. TIn a statement, the club quoted England Hockey as saying: “We decided that although all fixtures have been played in the Men’s and Women’s Premier Divisions, the simplest way to resolve Euro Hockey League qualification was alphabetical order.”

Did you come across any good jokes? Leave your comment below…

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