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England fall over the line into the Euros semi finals

[img_assist|nid=8553|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=75|height=100]Scotland outplayed their higher-ranked opponents for much of the game but England scrambled a 2-1 win to see them into the semi-finals of the 2013 European hockey championships.

The Scots had 10 corners and countless chances, including a cross from right from Vikki Bunce which flew untouched across goal in the dying seconds.

Scotland coach Gordan Shepherd said: “I though the girls played fantastically well to more than compete with England. I’m delighted with the performances this week. We’ve lost three games by just one goal.

“We go into the next two games full of confidence,” he said.

England’s Jason Lee was similarly forward looking.

“It is now the exciting end of the tournament. We have been up and down but I’m optimistic we can bring it all together.

“If we do play Holland in the semi-finals, as predicted, then it is great to have chances to do something special in an environment like this.”

That chance was earned with a 34th minute finish from Hananah Macleod. The London 2012 bronze medallist turned the ball in at the far post after Susie Gilbert penetrated the cirlce from the top left and got away a hard-hit pass under pressure.

Scotland took some control in the second half and levelled with a 49th minute corner from Nikki Kidd.

Sam Quek’s first goal for England was the decisive one as she bundled the ball in from in close in the 53rd minute.

The Scots left behind them a trial of ineffective circle penetrations, mis-traps in the D, and balls slammed straight at the keeper which belied the quality of their hockey in the other three-quarters of the pitch. 

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