Great Britain vs Netherlands 7pm : Key Facts

  • [img_assist|nid=4991|title=Orange means danger|desc=Naomi van As – hockeyimages.co.uk|link=node|align=right|width=220|height=146]If Great Britain beat Netherlands, both teams will qualify for the semifinals with Great Britain as pool winners.
  • If Great Britain draw they will still progress to the semifinals if China do not win their 13:45 match against Japan by at least five goals.
  • If Great Britain lose against Netherlands they will still progress to the semifinals as long as China do not beat Japan.
  • Great Britain have scored more goals (13) than any other team in the tournament.
  • Great Britain’s conversion rates for field goals (7/21 – 33%) and penalty corner chances (6/15 – 40%) are the best in the tournament.
  • Netherlands have had more field goal attempts (45) than any other team in the tournament.They have converted 9/45 of those for a 20% conversion rate, only Great Britain (33%) and Argentina (27%) have better rates.
  • Netherlands have converted just 1/20 penalty corner chances (5%), the worst of all teams who have scored at least one goal from a penalty corner situation.
  • The teams have played five times at the Olympic Games and Great Britain have never won.
  • Netherlands have twice denied Great Britain an Olympic bronze medal, 3-1 at Seoul 1988 and 4-3 in a penalty stroke competition at Atlanta 1996.
  • Great Britain assistant coach Karen Brown played in both those matches.
  • Great Britain came back from a 2-0 half-time deficit against Netherlands to earn a 2-2 draw in the pool stage at the 2012 Champions Trophy.
  • Naomi van As and Kim Lammers scored for Netherlands, Crista Cullen scored both for Great Britain from penalty corners.