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Are hockey’s rules on swearing and red cards too lenient?

Tom Grambusch is likely to be handed just a one-match suspension for his trio of expletive-laden language at match officials during Rot-Weiss Koln’s bronze medal defeat to Old Georgians in the Euro Hockey League, while another player was acquitted for spitting towards an opponent.

The German endured a rollercoaster game against the English club, who won 3-2. Grambusch scored twice to level the bronze match before Chris Proctor bagged his second. Grambusch was then handed a green card with two minutes left for playing the ball after the whistle before uttering “f*** the umpires” and said “f*** off” as he looked at the second umpire, according to the technical delegate’s report. 

He was given a red card before Grambusch came off the pitch and told the TO on duty “This is a f***ing joke”.

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  1. There is NO NEED for this behaver when I was umpiring I never allowed any swearing in the match and after in the club house. These 2 should have be given the Red card and a 4 match suspension. Just to let you know I live in France and have managed to introduced hockey to this area and help to start Limoges H/C and Bellac H/C still coaching/playing at only 85 should be ok for a few more years. Keep up with the news I love reading it. Regards Chris Cull

  2. The only time any swearing is acceptable is when a player is in pain. Never at officials, supporters and players.

    The punishment is now too lenient and needs reviewing, but not back to the old draconian month, months or year bans we had. Any swearing offence should be at least a 3 match ban, increased if persistent like this occurence.

  3. Swearing at umpires should always be a red card. I don’t think a 1 match ban is enough to re-enforce how unacceptable this is, I’d go for a 3 match minimum

    I would never swear at an umpire or an opponent. I confess I do occasionally swear at my own team mates when frustrated. If warned by the umpires, I accept that and rein it in

  4. It is unacceptable for swearing at an opponent or match official or supporter. I agree when in pain and Im afraid we have all said things at our own players. Do we want to drop to the unacceptable depth exhibited by footballers, where because of a total lack of standards it is seen as acceptable to not just swear at officials but far worse, without punishment? This is then copied by young players and the standards drop further and its ingrained in the sport. Toughen up for the good of the game.


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