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Brits lost over four million teeth due to sporting injuries

Britons have lost over four million teeth thanks to sporting injuries.

According to a poll of 2,000 adults, 16 per cent have lost a tooth after falling or suffering an injury.

However nearly half experienced tooth loss while playing sport, although statistics didn’t say how many played hockey.

Research, conducted dental care provider Bupa Dental Care, found that 43 per cent could have saved teet if a mouth guard was worn while playing sport.

England national rugby team dentist, Anni Seaborne, said: “Getting injured while playing sports is common, particularly if you’re engaging in high-contact sports like rugby, football, or hockey.

“However, there are ways to protect against mouth injuries, and I would recommend anyone taking part in contact sports to wear protection.

“I’ve seen far too many of these injuries, and I know the pain and long-term damage that can be caused – it’s just not worth the risk.

“Players that don’t wear a mouthguard are at an increased risk of damaging their teeth during games.”

One in ten adults never wear a mouth guard when participating in sports, although it is seen as a requirement in hockey due to facial dangers.

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