Friday, December 1, 2023

‘Massive divide’: Men’s Premier Division goals highlights disparity

Has there ever been such a net-bulging start to a Premier Division as witnessed from the men’s top flight heavyweights? Pure entertainment or too many mismatches?

Old Georgians, Surbiton and Holcombe hammered over 180 goals between them in 11 matches, the champions leading the way with 66 in 11 fixtures and Sam Ward netting 25. Some matches read like a Hockey 5s scoreline.

What’s more, the return of Alan Forsyth to the GB men’s programme also bodes well in Olympic year with the OGs pair having netted in their last seven matches and the Scot bagging 13 goals for good measure.

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  1. Isn’t it “Cannock’s 13-3 defeat of East Grinstead” – ie Cannock won

    We now have the M25 league Englamd Hockey have always wanted, the top few teams can play themselves umpteen times a season. Various Eng/GB coaches have repeatedly asked for more games between the top few teams with seemingly no concern about the wider game.

    With all the Eng/GB players living in the SE, they all finish and predominately remain in that locality, making the SE even stronger as clubs can more easily tap into ex internationals as players/coaches.
    Not sure what the answer is though.

    Also, it means that teams outside this SE bubble spend an increasing proportion of their funds on travel.

    Would be interested to see a detailed article on why the women’s game has not centralised to the same degree


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