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Five popular hockey apps available for download in 2022 

Downloading apps has become a common occurrence in the modern world, be it to follow the latest hockey news or to find love online. The sheer amount of apps people can access on an iOS or an android smartphone made by the likes of Samsung and Apple is incredible. When it comes to assessing hockey apps, there are some fantastic options. 

There are a wide variety of reasons why someone would want to download an app for field hockey. For amateur players with aspirations to reach the very top, these types of products provide detailed feedback. Some apps also track progress and share in-depth statistics around performance, while others might help coaches track team performance and fine-tune any tactics. The fact that these types of hockey apps can be housed alongside other hockey-based offerings, be it a streaming site with all of the live action or a popular online betting platform with hockey betting odds, makes it even more worthwhile. Like most apps, hockey products in this space are easy to grasp and can make a genuine difference. 

With an increasing amount of people discovering the benefits of downloading hockey apps, let’s assess some of the most popular products available for download in 2022. All of the apps featured are accessible on both iOS and android devices unless stated otherwise. 

FIH Game Tracker HD

If you’re a player wanting to track future fixtures or you’re a coach keen to assess team performance, then FIH Game Tracker HD is the perfect product for your smartphone. Offering an intuitive interface that is being used by coaches and players everywhere, the app houses all important data in one slick place. You can even record performances and then share them with friends and family, too. In terms of assessing performance, FIH Game Tracker HD is excellent. 

Goalie Tracker HD

In the same way that there’s an apparent goalkeepers’ union in football, it also applies to hockey. Most field hockey goalkeepers are a different breed and will tell you that their position on the field is completely unique. In order to cater for what is a hugely important position in a hockey team, Goalie Tracker HD was created to help track saves and goals, while also offering detailed analysis of a goalkeeper’s performance. When it comes to goalkeeper training, Goalie Tracker HD is a highly useful tool. app


One of the best apps of its type around, the app is being utilised by coaches and clubs as they aim to follow player development in matches and in training sessions. Also enabling coaches to store tactics and exercises in one tidy place, this particular option has everything you’ll need. 

Field Hockey Tracker

Used by coaches and players at all levels of the game, Field Hockey Tracker provides a detailed insight into player performance through in-depth statistical analysis. Additionally, users of the app can create custom reports to analyse overall team performance and to enable a clear way of monitoring progress. The app isn’t perfect, but overall Field Hockey Tracker is a useful resource for hockey players and coaches. It’s fairly easy to get to grips with, too. 

FIH Mobile App

Only accessible on android, the FIH Mobile App is the official smartphone application of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). Providing fans of the sport with the latest news, fixtures, and results, it’s a great product to download to keep tabs on all of the latest developments within the world of hockey. Alongside a wealth of content on matches and players, the app also does an excellent job of sharing video highlights from the biggest games and features a range of interactive content for users to enjoy. 

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