Friday, December 1, 2023

Camil Papa ‘amazed’ at his Dutch goal of the year strike

A sublime bit of circle ‘tip-in’ skill from Camil Papa has seen the Klein Zwitserland striker awarded Dutch goal of the year.

Papa’s magical goal earlier in this stuttering season was viewed in its hundreds of thousands on social media and applauded globally. It was his first goal since returning to the Hoofdklasse from Barcelona last summer.

“I was stunned myself,” the 23-year-old quipped to “Everyone I know from the hockey world has said something about it.”

Papa’s beautifully balanced goal – made all the more special in slow motion – was captured on the first weekend when the Dutch public was unable to attend top flight matches due to the pandemic.

“KZ has a nice audience that goes very fanatically to away games,” he added.

“In retrospect, it is a pity that very few people attended live due to the tightened measures. Fortunately, the goal is clearly visible on the screen and everyone has seen it on social media. ‘

“People are full of praise and especially wonder how exactly I did that action. To be honest, I found it quite difficult to respond to all of that, because I was amazed myself.

“It will be a moment to remember. It’s very cool that that goal has now also been awarded Goal of the Year.”

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