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Tips from the top: Maddie Hinch on hockey shoot-outs and goalkeeper rise

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How to deal with hockey shoot-outs

The key is to work out their go-to strengths. Under pressure that’s what an athlete wants to resort to.

I am trying to work out if I am that person at that moment. What is it that I really want to do? Do I want to go on the forehand, backhand or go early? If that is the case then what is it I can do to make it as difficult as possible? 

If they don’t do that then fair play, they have resorted against their strength to keep me guessing and then it’s game on and a battle with player and keeper.

In Rio, they did what was written in my book. It was harder not to do something different.

We had gone to the detail of how long it should take to walk to the goal, how long do you want the goalie to wait. What do you want us to shout at you.

It is the feeling of being ready.

You have to evolve as an athlete. You can’t rest on your laurels. Everyone is working each other out and there is a lot of footage of me out there, and so I have to keep adding to my game to keep people guessing.

High flier: Hinch has a ‘swagger’ when she puts her pads on

Hinch on goalkeeping popularity

“Hockey is athletic and dynamic. It’s not a sport where the goalkeeper stands in the goal and doesn’t really move. When I started that was what was happening.” 

So says the GB No.1 , who has moved her position to such popular heights that padding up, with face mask on, is now on trend in the modern game, while the MH goalkeeper camps usually sell out every summer.

“It shows the level of interest in this country and it has been mad how many people want to learn more about the position,” she says.

“That’s what really excites me and it’s been a position that has generally been misunderstood. But it’s all about keeping hockey on the up.

“It’s such a specific role in a team, which needs specific coaching and a real understanding. Hockey always used to be the last choice position to put the pads on. Now it’s one of the most popular.”

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