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Top 5 Games like Ludo

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    Parcheesi is a classic board game that shares similarities with Ludo. It involves moving pieces around the board based on the roll of the dice. The goal is to move all your pieces to the center of the board before your opponents.
    Snakes and Ladders:

    This is another classic board game that involves rolling dice to move your game piece along a numbered grid. The catch is that there are ladders that allow you to climb up and snakes that send you sliding down. It’s a simple yet entertaining game.

    Sorry! is a board game where players move their pieces around the board based on the cards they draw. The objective is to get all your pieces from the start to your home, but there are opportunities to bump opponents back to the start.

    Carrom is a tabletop game that involves using a striker to knock your own and opponent’s pieces into pockets on a square board. It requires skill and precision, making it a fun and strategic game for friends and family.
    Online Multiplayer Ludo Games:

    There are numerous online multiplayer Ludo games available on mobile devices and gaming platforms. These games allow you to play Ludo with friends or random opponents from around the world. They often include additional features, such as chat options and different variations of the game.

    Iphone Games in 2024 –


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