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Stop Applying, Start Landing: Expert Job Match & Resume Boost

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    []Struggling to land your dream job? Our expert team matches your skills with perfect opportunities, tailors your resume and cover letter to impress, and increases your interview rate. Choose from 3 affordable plans with 100-420 job applications, personalized service from seasoned recruiters, and the chance to land your dream role faster. Sign up today and get started!

    Contact us:

    How We Work
    You tell us your Job field
    You create a shareable email address[ Outlook and Gmail]
    We identify jobs that match your skills and experience.
    We then tailor your resume and cover letter and match your skills and experience with the job description.
    Price Plans
    100 job applications= [1month plan] = [25 jobs/week] = [$850]
    240 job applications= [2months plan] = [30 jobs/week] = [$1200]
    420 job applications= [3months plan] = [35 jobs/week] = [$1500]

    We offer a free resume consultation service.

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    My name is Elena, and I am in the following situation: I recently lost my job due to redundancy and am now actively looking for new employment opportunities. I would like to find a job either online or in real life. I have experience in marketing and sales, and I speak English well. Can anyone recommend a reliable company or agency that specialises in helping people find jobs? Perhaps someone has already had a positive experience with such companies? It’s important that they have a good reputation and real results.


    I was also in a similar situation and can recommend several companies that helped me find a job. I contacted a job agency at , which specialises in finding jobs in marketing and sales. They have a great reputation and a lot of experience in helping people find jobs both online and in real life. This company has provided me with several promising vacancies and helped me prepare for interviews. I am sure they can help you too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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