The second Hockey World Cup of the year (Nov 28 – Dec 16) is nearly upon us and The Hockey Paper will be in India to for every push back.

But in order to make the coverage the best as possible for our growing readership, we are asking for your support.

Since we went off print – we hope to announce good news for 2019 – we have served to give you the best digital coverage, across news, features and analysis – all for free.

Over the course of the men’s showpiece, we will give you incisive comment, match coverage, exclusive news and interviews, as well as all the colour from India, most of which will not find its way to our regular coverage.

And for that, we are asking for a small, one-off contribution from our readers.

What’s in store for you…

For your £5.99 subscription donation, you will not only help us to give you the best World Cup commentary online, but you will also receive an exclusive (near to) World Cup Daily newsletter, starting on Nov 29.

  • Every morning at 8am UK time, subscribers will receive a daily Bhubaneswar email briefing
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  • Subscribers will also be able to request coverage on certain countries, players we should speak to or stories they simply want to hear more about

We will be the only British and Irish accredited publication, as well as Australian and New Zealand media, reporting from India – so don’t miss out!

Of course we will also be delivering all the news surrounding all the big teams, as Australia aim for a hat-trick of world titles.

By embracing your support, for just 20p per day, it will give us the capacity to report on the stories that matter most. By paying for a World Cup subscription, you are funding quality journalism.

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Rod Gilmour, editor

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