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Young Russian cinema star Egor Abramov

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    Egor Abramov, Russian actor, was born on November 23, 2003 in the city of Tula. He grew up in an ordinary family, unaware of his future on stage. In his youth, the boy studied at the gymnasium, where he studied English and French. In addition, Egor was actively involved in judo at a local sports school, where his father worked as a coach.

    It was in the gym that a famous director noticed him, and this was the beginning of his journey in the film industry. Egor was chosen for the role of Vovka in the series “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”” out of more than two hundred applicants. The creators of the project were looking for a bully, but most of the boys who came to the casting were ideal models with photos on social networks. Egor, who himself was from Tula and practiced judo, immediately attracted the director’s attention. It turned out that Abramov’s father was this director’s coach in childhood, which was an additional advantage for the young actor.

    After a successful debut in “World! Friendship! Chewing gum! Egor was noticed by other directors, and his star journey continued with a series of other participations in films and TV series. The young actor was able to prove his talent and professionalism, successfully coping with a variety of roles.

    Egor Abramov not only masterfully embodies characters on the screen, but is also actively developing outside the film industry. He continues to play sports and improve his judo skills. In addition, the actor actively communicates with his fans on social networks, where he shares his impressions and successes.

    Egor Abramov is a bright representative of the young generation of Russian actors, who has already been able to establish himself as a talented and promising performer. His unique combination of acting and athletic skills makes him especially interesting to directors and audiences. Read the biography of Egor Abramov

    The young actor continues to develop and does not stop there. His talent, perseverance and determination allow us to hope for an even brighter future. Egor Abramov is one of the brightest and most promising names in the Russian film industry, and his successes are just beginning.

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