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Vacation rental management software

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    I am looking for an updated property management software for vacation rental company. We have about 50 properties, and are using an old software that only runs out of the office. I need cloud access, OTA integration and syncing calendars across all of it… and a way to have the properties listed and rented on our on site.

    We have maid service, HOA management and a maintenance team as well… if all of that could fit into the program, it would be a bonus. I’m currently pulling my hair out trying to manage all these properties. TripAdvisor keeps mixing up all of our information, but I think it’s because of the way our information is formatted in this old program.


    I used the tried and tested vacation rental management software, it’s really simple but works for what I need. I was able to sync and transfer all my properties to Airbnb and have a cleaning calendar where I can set up specific cleaners for each property, as well as automatic messaging with check-in and check-out instructions. The financial statements it exports are clunky and sometimes don’t include additional fees. Airbnb management software allows us to streamline routine operations such as communication with guests, calendar synchronization, housekeeping and much more, and 85% of our bookings were made through Airbnb, so we were happy with this. Moreover, it is relatively cheap compared to other services.


    Vacation rental management software is a type of technology that helps property owners and managers effectively manage their short term rental properties.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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