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Creating spectators and Fan base with viral clips

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    Following on the Georgians article with Oliver Morgan on creating fanbases and crowds.
    I am struck how poor in this digital age is the camera work.
    Especially the Indoor Super 6s. Where one camera at half way only filmed half a pitch with no close up skill or replays. Two backs passing the ball laterally repeatedly with no other player on screen in Mens final just looked plane silly, without seeing further up the marking and movement. But also not being able to see the skillful goal creation close up was a ridiculous missed opportunity.
    One of the ball tracker companies could be engaged as a sponsor next year to showcase their capability with min 4 cameras.
    In outdoor that great overhead goal can only go viral if it is in close up and edited into slo mo etc. To totally capture and enjoy the technical skill,execution reaction and celebration.
    All Premier matches should have cameras behind both goals. And 2 decent pitch cameras. 4 in total.
    This would then give lots of exciting content to share on social media.
    It would help if someone with expertise would come up with a recommended package. Be it Go Pros in goals and powerful camcorders high up or scanning at both 23s. Or cctv type mounted on the lighting poles. And let us all know via Hockey Paper or England hockey.
    European hockey probably have it already.What is the perfect set up?
    Because clearly a lot of cameras can only film one end and any action at the opposite are just specks.Even the opposite side of pitch is not clear.
    Ball tracking by one camera is inadequate I have found. Works for large ball slower sports. But hockey needs 4 cameras. Ball tracker products are subscription per camera and therefore too expensive annually as a result for 4 cameras. We need a specific 4 camera hockey package to get same return on investment as netball ,rugby or football.
    12 premier division hockey clubs are one off £60k of equipment at £5000 each. Some of which subsidised out of England hockey marketing budget. As it would create huge outreach if edited correctly. And make marketing and widening audience and interest a lot easier.
    Editing is a big stumbling block of course. Again this needs to be in expert advice package recommendation.
    Great camera work would also give the players more satisfaction,recognition and reward for their dedication and talent. Inspiring more kids to play and tryout what they see.
    This year I have been able to watch live on my sofa, local club cricket matches. A camera on the diagonal capturing all I need to see and hear. Sponsored by a local business with its name top corner throughout.
    Lets come up with a tried and tested professional camera package that captures all the skill,drama and action. And make it a compulsory Premier division requisite to provide quality action footage. To be edited either locally or centrally.

    Rob McGregor

    Whilst I don’t disagree with the sentiment, to get the kind of quality product/output and editing were talking about here requires not only the physical equipment, like cameras, but also (potentially) software for editing, as well as either volunteers, who already have the sufficient skills to edit video/produce clips (or can learn relatively quickly, or further resources to fund a professional (individual or company) crew to film and edit.

    Again, I agree with the sentiment here; but having previously been involved with British ice hockey, which does have video crews at games, it’s a question of whether the resources are there to fund something like this, and whether the output would create sufficient ‘buzz’ to justify those initial/ongoing costs.

    Field hockey should, in theory, have a better path to participation than ice hockey off the back of something like this (field hockey much more accessible at a base level), but I’d argue that it’s not guaranteed without sufficient, ongoing effort and resources (and, potentially, the strength of conviction to keep funnelling resources into it, when other club needs arise to compete for those same resources.)

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